One year ago, Alex Torres was playing for the Tampa Bay Rays, when teammate Alex Cobb took an Eric Hosmer line drive off of his head. Cobb suffered a mild concussion but would not return to a Major League game for two months. Here is the video of Cobb's injury.

Torres, now with the San Diego Padres was so shaken by Cobb's injury that he decided to a wear a new protective cap that was approved by MLB to better protect pitchers against batted balls. Torres debuted the new padded hat in last Saturday night's game against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

It is clear from the video that the new isoBLOX protective cap, made by 4Licensing Corporation will not win an award for fashion in baseball. Instead, Torres better resembles a bobblehead doll or a kid wearing a cap that is 10 sizes too large. Despite the ridiculous look, Torres and other pitchers that will wear the cap will be better off the next time a screaming liner is hit at them.