Later tonight, the Miami Heat will take the court against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Heat need just one more win to capture their first NBA title of the LaBron James era. Based on the last three games, accomplishing this feat should not be a problem. Here's why:

1. James has been unstoppable in the NBA Playoffs - there's a reason why King James is the best player in the league. He comes ready to play every single night. LeBron has been so consistent every game that he has taken the pressure off of Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to live up to their potential.

2. Oklahoma City is not getting consistent production from their Big 3 - despite 43 points from Russell Westbrook in game 4 of the NBA Finals, the Thunder still lost the game by six points. Westbrook and Durant have both lit up the scoreboard during this series (although both haven't always played great together like they did in the San Antonio series). The problem has been the poor play of guard James Harden. The sixth man of the year has zero confidence and continues to struggle offensively. I doubt Harden will be able to fix his offensive woes in time for the Thunder to get back into this series.

3. Miami's supporting cast has risen to the challenge - whether it's Shane Battier or Mario Chalmers, the Heat have not had to rely solely on James and Wade to produce in pressure moments. In contrast, the Thunder bench and role players have not  taken aany of the burden off of Durant and Westbrook to carry them against Miami.

It is possible that the Thunder win tonight to force a game six on Sunday in Oklahoma City. If James' continues to cramp up and stays on the bench, the Heat will struggle to score points. However, Miami does not want to play another game and I think they wrap up this series tonight. Catch all the action beginning at 7pm