Weird News

Texas Frat Boys Make Nerf Trick Shot Video
What else are a bunch of frat boy, rich kids supposed to do with themselves other than spend countless hours trying to perfect a series of parlor tricks involving Nerf balls, trampolines, playgrounds and poop buckets. Yes, poop buckets.
Texas Fan Caught Picking Nose [VIDEO]
In this day and age, you never can tell when your face will be plastered all over national television showing you involved in one of the many disgusting habits of human nature. Unfortunately, your chances of being caught on camera doing something like picking your nose is definitely more probable in…
Dallas Cowboy Injured While Eating Jolly Rancher
I'm always amazed at how athletes get injured, but Barry Church has just etched his name into my personal record book for stupidity. The Dallas Cowboys safety loves Jolly Ranchers so much that he chipped a tooth on the cherry flavored hard candy about a week before training camp started...

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