Weird News

Sports Agent Drew Rosenhaus Wrestles Shark
Drew Rosenhaus may be the only sports agent that truly swims with the sharks.
This video surfaced earlier this morning, which apparently shows Rosenhaus swimming around shark infested waters in the Florida Keys. We’re not entirely sure if he was intoxicated, or if he is just absolutely out-of-his-min…
UFC Fan Uses Guillotine Choke To Stop Carjacking
The rise of UFC has had an impact on the American sports landscape, but it also might help fight crime. Need proof? Ask Shron Antoine Jones, an alleged carjacker in Stockton, Caliornia who wound up in a guillotine choke hold when he tried to steal the SUV of UFC fan Abel Simmons.
A Car Hits A Bear And The Bear Lives [VIDEO]
Normally, I wouldn't post something like this for two reasons.
One, it has nothing to do with sports and two, I don't like to see an animal get hurt, outside of hunting.
But this video is absolutely crazy. You would think this would have hurt or even killed the bear and it didn't...

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