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Nothing says the holidays like food, family, fun, and more food.

It's the American way! ( Well technically, it's the human way seeing as just about every culture on the planet celebrates with food)

July 4th for my family usually means a celebration in Rockport complete with a patriotic boat parade, fireworks from the deck, and tons of food. And I do mean tons of food.

On average there are four or five families that come together, siblings and kids, and each of us brings a specialty dish or two.

Every year we say " We brought way too much food," and every year we do the same thing all over again.

Somehow though, our family always seems to push through with little to none left over.

But the best part of (bringing too much) food on July 4th for our family is that it's mostly snack food, finger foods we can literally enjoy all weekend long!

It's with that in mind that I've put together a list of my favorite yummy July 4th top ten foods I hope you'll love as much as I do. Happy July 4th America! Let's eat!

My favorite dip of all time, chicken wing dip, is all thanks to my dear friend, Holly Pickering. She made it for me once about five years ago, and I've made it at least a hundred times since then.

I have a friend, Robin Knipling who should be an influencer and food blogger.

I have even considered writing it for her and calling it " I blog for Robin." I included Youtube videos for dips she likes although these are not her recipes, they are close!  I do however have her favorite  "Sip" recipe of the week to share with you, although she doesn't measure anything. She is just that good!

Here are my top ten yummy July 4th recipes you can make all summer long!

Yummy July 4th Recipe Treats and Eats

Here are ten recipes you can make this weekend to celebrate the summer!


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Happy July 4th! 

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