These are contentious times in our country, but we can all agree on one thing: we all love a Fourth of July party.

This Independence Day promises to be just as much of a celebration as those in years past. From the 65 million people who will go to a picnic to the $1 billion spent on alcohol to the $800 million we'll cough up on fireworks, you can bet Americans will put their cares on hold to throw the nation a birthday party unlike any other (although some cities will be more festive than others, while you can count on some states really busting out the red, white and blue.

WalletHub has put out a very enlightening and timely infographic on what we'll be doing, how we'll get there and with whom will be doing it once we arrive for Independence Day.

So, while you're chowing down on hot dogs and looking around for the best seats to watch the fireworks show, make sure you remember you're just one guest at that ultimate birthday party.

Source: WalletHub

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