If you listen to KISS FM or watch tv you have no doubt heard Emergency Alert System checks. That terrifying tone that the play at the beginning used to scare the hell out of me when I was a kid and it still makes me want to run and hide under the bed now that I'm an adult. Well, maybe not under the bed because demons live there and they'll drag me to the underworld if I go under there but that's a story for another article. We're talking about the Emergency Alert System check. The Federal Emergency Management Agency will be conducting one today and even though it's just a test, conspiracy theorists have already said it is the herald of the end of the world.

From the FEMA Twitter account:

"Reminder: At 2:20 PM ET today, we will conduct a national test of the Emergency Alert System in coordination with
@FCC. The test will appear on televisions & radios, while specially configured cell phones will receive an emergency alert test code message."

Sounds innocuous enough, right? Nothing to see here, just a test of the national Emergency Alert System at noon El Paso time. We need that system to work because in the event of a zombie apocalypse you'll want to know how long you have before they reach your city and eat your brains out. But I started seeing this post on my Twitter feed yesterday even before I started getting notifications about the FEMA test.

It's pretty unlikely that the "rod of God" will use nuclear strikes to destroy the White House, the Vatican, and Buckingham Palace and it will all be happening on the heels of this FEMA test. Just don't jump when it goes off when you're at work or home. It's a necessary test, not the trumpet of doom.

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