Jamie Pierre once set the world record by jumping off of a 255 foot cliff at the Grand Traghee Resort in Wyoming.  He was also dug out of a 12 foot bomb hole he created after another death-defying landing. He emerged with merely a cut lip, from being poked by one of the shovels that rescued him. Pierre has cheated death on numerous occasions.

But death, just like the ski lift, is eventually going to catch and scoop you up.

On Sunday, Pierre was snowboarding with a friend at the Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort in the Wasatch mountains of Utah. More than a foot of the white stuff had fallen in the mountains leaving a blanket of snow almost waist-deep and creating dangerous avalanche conditions.  Snowbird hadn’t cleared the mountain for skiing and the resort wasn’t scheduled to open for a few days. There were even signs posted warning people of the dangerous conditions. Pierre ignored the signs, went skiing anyway, and actually triggering the slide that sent him tumbling over a cliff.

Technically Pierre was trespassing but this is Jamie Pierre! He once jumped 255 feet off a cliff!  He was buried in 12 feet of snow! His lips were impervious to shovels! What’s the worst that could happen to the man that cheated death so many times?

Oh right–he could die.

[Via Daily Mail]