Almost everyone loves to enjoy a little glass of wine from time to time or all the time for some. Regardless of how much some of us consume during the week or on the weekend isn't important.

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But what is important is that all wine lovers should know that time of the year is almost near. La Vina Spring Wine Fest is a little over a month away from kicking off some tasty times.

Now if you're a lover of wine and enjoy exploring different tastes from sweet to bitter then this is for you, my fellow oenophile. In case you're wondering what an oenophile is it is basically someone who is a lover of wine.

But oenophiles of the borderland would be stoked to know about getting our wine on at La Viña Winery next month. Now I know there are tons of locals that enjoy hitting up the wine event since my social media newsfeed always blew up with pictures of it.

I can definitely say that I am not a fan of the bitter wines and prefer the sweet ones despite them giving you horrible hangovers. But luckily, I don't drink that much wine to suffer a hangover after drinking a glass or two.

A few years back La Viña Winery was featured on a program called Daytime with Kimberly & Esteban on KFOX. You can even see a sample tasting that will probably even make your mouth water below.

Wine is the best kind of drink some of us use as the perfect nightcap before bed or at social outings. But now we have an excuse to enjoy as many glasses of wine only if you have assigned someone as your designated driver. So get ready to kick off La Viña Spring Wine Fest on Saturday, April 30 and mark your spot by clicking here.

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