With the most anticipated college football matchup of the season coming up this Saturday between the number one-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide and the Johnny Manziel-led Texas A&M Aggies, it begs the question, who do you want to win?

It would be easy to say most college football fans want to see Johnny Football fall flat on his face following one of the most embarrassing off-seasons that any Heisman trophy winning player has ever had, but the Nick Saban-led Crimson Tide aren’t exactly America’s team playing in the universally hated SEC and who wouldn’t want to see the seemingly invincible Alabama football team falter at least once this season.

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Not an easy decision, right?

Let’s explore the options.

If Texas A&M wins, let the Johnny Football hype machine go into overdrive with Manziel skyrocketing to the top of the Heisman chase along with the prospect of the Aggies’ contending for a national title as frontrunners.  Even though they are playing in Kyle Field, defeating the defending national champions two years in a row would be another monumental upset.

If Alabama wins, it would be a big win for Saban and his program, but in the eyes of most college football experts it is pretty much expected with not many giving the Aggies a chance to pull off the impossible even at home.  From a pressure standpoint (considerably more than last year) and national title implications, the Crimson Tide cannot lose this game which makes this matchup even more intriguing than the previous year.

Hard to root for either team as most fans outside of College Station and Tuscaloosa would settle for a repeat of last year’s performance in Texas A&M’s 29-24 win over Alabama, however, given all that has happened over the last year; what would be more satisfying at the end of the fourth quarter (or possibly overtime) of this year’s rematch?