"Weapons for Wentz, weapons for Wentz." That's the Eagles' mission this offseason to get their prize franchise quarterback the weapons he needs to finally take his team on an extended run in the playoffs. Granted their early free agent moves have been about defense, but if you really want to get the "ultimate weapon for Wentz" he's sitting in Cleveland and may be available in trade. His name is Odell Beckham Jr and he would take the Eagles offense, as we well as the team to a whole new level.

Imagine an offense with Wentz at quarterback, Beckham and Desean Jackson at wide receivers and Zack Ertz at tight end. It's an offense that would compete with any in either league and win. On the field, Beckham is one of the top 5 receivers in the league, off the field he's all about him, but who cares as long as he produces on the field.

Last year, Beckham with Cleveland played 16 games caught 74 passes for 1035 yards, including an 89-yard reception on Monday night. He scored 4 touchdowns and that was playing hurt. (Imagine Beckham in prime time with the Eagles.)

Can Carson Wentz handle Beckham's ego? Can Doug Peterson? Could this turn into a Donovan McNabb Terrell Owens situation? I don't think it should be a problem as long as the team is winning which it would be. Pederson is more of a players coach than Andy Reid was and there's no reason at all why Wentz should have a problem. It isn't like Beckham is going to come off the bench and lead his team to a Super Bowl win. Too soon?

As for the rest of the team, Beckham's always been popular in the locker room. Of course, you get even more popular when your team is winning, which they would be. Beckham wants to be the rock star and I can't think of an Eagle that would have a problem with that.

Beckham would instantly become a fan favorite — with number 13 jerseys filling the city. He would also be motivated by getting the chance to play the Giants twice a year whom he feels "sent him to Cleveland to die"  Of course, his other motivation would come from finally playing on a team that has a chance to go deep in the playoffs in a city that would make him feel the love.

Beckham's contract that he signed with the Giants was very favorable with most of the money already being paid. I'm thinking he could be had for possibly their first round draft choice and probably a third. But Howie Roseman knows what he's doing when it comes to trades and he can figure out the compensation. He better work fast because they're already thinking the same thing in San Francisco.

The Eagles have already added Darius Slay Jr as their playmaker on the defense, now it's time to add one on the offense. His name is Beckham and he can be had. Now go get him.

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