Football season is here; soon it'll be time to wear your orange shirts & get your pick axes ready as we cheer on our UTEP Miners. The first official game for the Miners football season starts on August 27th & I know it's important to cheer for your home team; but here's why you REALLY need to cheer for UTEP this year.

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The 2021 Miners season went pretty well all things considered. Even though we ended with an overall 7-6 record, most of the home games we've had, have been wins. The only loss at home was against UTSA & the games were pretty close too. Some people said their win against Louisiana Tech was really the moment the Miners looked to be competitive last year.

We even made it to the New Mexico Bowl Game against Fresno State. We may have lost 24-31 but getting national tv exposure (on ESPN) for the Miners was amazing.

Let's not forget about the UTEP Miners Basketball team; the 2021-2022 men's basketball season had a pretty good season as well. Ending up with a total of 2300 points overall, beating their opponents average of 2265. And yes the team also got exposure on ESPN as well.

So why is it important to cheer on our UTEP teams? Considering UTEP had pretty solid seasons for both the football & basketball teams; having the fans support them is a driving force for success & victory. And with more exposure on national television, seeing hoards of fans cheering on UTEP makes the school & El Paso look good.

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Last year at least over 10,000 people went to ALL the UTEP Football games totaling for a couple million people saw the Miners play. For the UTEP Men's basketball teams, over 88,000 people saw them play in 2021.

The most important reason why you need to cheer on UTEP? If you graduated from UTEP, like I have (and I'm not the only one who has here at work), you just want to see them do well. You wanna cheer on for your school. You want to see them get another championship. Our Basketball team hasn't won since 1966 & our football team since the 50s. But who knows? Maybe this year will be the year...

I think our very our Sal Montes, who can be heard on 600 ESPN El Paso, says it best:

It’s important for El Pasoans to support their sports teams because the extra energy can really boost positive results. When the crowd is there and rooting for the home team, the energy and atmosphere shifts big time... UTEP Football will have a packed house against North Texas to open up on 8/27, the El Paso Chihuahuas are full of talent, the El Paso Rhinos consistently kick ass, and Locomotive FC is a madhouse on match night. These are all signs of how in unison the teams and fans can be when the crowd gets wild and the teams reciprocate that energy.


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We'll see what happens when the 22-23 season gets started in the upcoming weeks but one thing is for certain; we WILL cheer on our UTEP Miners. Whether it's in the stands, on tv, or on the radio.


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