The show we all once were glued to our TVs for is making a return.

Now it is unclear whether El Paso will be featured again, but some of us will still be sure to have the popcorn and drinks ready.

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What was once known as Live PD will now be called On Patrol: Live and will continue with the same air dates. If you need a reminder because it has been that long since you've seen the action-packed show, it will air Friday and Saturdays.

Before you would catch the show on A&E but not this time around. Instead, if you are looking forward to the relaunch then just make sure you have access to the Reelz cable network.

There were some wild episodes some of us remember watching that took place in El Paso. I remember in 2018 I almost had my very first close call on Live PD once.

If you're thinking I would be the one causing a scene you're wrong. If anything I was just an innocent bystander if you would have seen me on the show.

In 2018, I was a server at DeadBeach Brewery and finished my Saturday shift along with my friend Kassidy. I left the bar just in time or else I would have probably been caught up in all that.

Still to this day I am a firm believer in perfect timing, especially from that day forward.

El Pasoans Acting Out on LIVE PD

There were some times we remember seeing certain scenarios happening in El Paso that made us feel embarrassed for the people being filmed.

For example, refer to A&E's YouTube video of a road rage incident in El Paso below.

Then, another time was a dispute that had happened between two ex-lovers one wasn't happy that the other had moved on. You can check out that clip above.

But there were some dudes from El Paso I won't ever forget who made me laugh so hard. Hopefully, you remember the bargain hunters about saving money by not spending on food.

If you need a refresher just watch the clip of the El Paso bargain hunters above.

Dan Abrams was excited about spreading the news around to all those who enjoy watching someone else's chisme on television. I know the ladies are especially excited to see Dan Abrams and the rest of his crew returning to cable very soon.

Leave your two cents below if you're either hoping to see El Paso on the show or not.

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