Football is almost like a second religion in East Texas. We pack our high school stadiums on Friday nights to cheer on our kids, both home and visitor. We've seen a few times where one of those kids we rooted for makes it to the big leagues. Whitehouse's own Patrick Mahomes is the latest "one of those kids". That being said, many East Texans are facing a bit of a dilemma this Sunday, as the Mahomes-led Kansas City Chiefs take on the East Texas favorite Dallas Cowboys.

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Lately, sports bars all across our area are filled with both silver and blue, and red and gold jerseys. Why? Because East Texans love the Dallas Cowboys (silver and blue) but also want to support the KC quarterback (red and gold).

The question becomes "Who do we root for?"

For me, I am a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan, but will also root for the hometown kid. Sadly, no matter who you root for, there has to be a loser and there has to be a winner. I am going to root for both but, as I said in picks for this week, the Dallas Cowboys defense will bend the least and win in a shootout 48-45.

Here's your tiebreaker.

But if you honestly can't decide who to root for, head over to Montez Creekside Kitchen  in Mahomes' hometown of Whitehouse to pick up a neutral Cowboys-Chiefs shirt. It will only cost you one Andrew Jackson for it.

Montez Creekside Kitchen via Facebook
Montez Creekside Kitchen via Facebook

A portion of the money from the sales of this shirt will also go to help a family in need in Whitehouse. East Texans are always good for supporting each other.

It'll be a tough Sunday for East Texas NFL fans with two favorites going against each other. However, no one is going to argue your fandom for either team.

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