Patrick Mahomes was THE star of the Whitehouse Wildcats football team during his high school days in Whitehouse, Texas. From there, he took his talents to Lubbock to lead the Texas Tech Red Raiders. While there, he put up some impressive numbers and won some big games. His time at Tech impressed the staff of the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs so they drafted him with 10th overall pick in the 2017 draft. Since that time, Patrick Mahomes has lit up the NFL and is getting ready to play in his third Super Bowl. Its no wonder he has a legion of fans, including in Utah where a street was named after him.

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Patrick Mahomes Fandom

Utah is two states away from our quaint East Texas town of Whitehouse. But being that Whitehouse's Patrick Mahomes has become a global superstar, it should be no surprise that he would have a fan in the Beehive State. One such fan in the town of South Jordan, Utah thought it would be great to name a street after Patrick Mahomes (KMBC).

One of the more fun parts of my job is I name streets. I was actually watching a game while I was working and I thought, 'oh why don’t I name a street after Patrick Mahomes. That’ll be fun.' - real estate developer Cameron Jackson

The naming of the street did draw some raised eyebrows from some of the residents. Being that Utah is between Nevada and Colorado, the town is home to both Las Vegas Raider and Denver Bronco fans. Both of those teams are bitter rivals of Patrick Mahomes' Kansas City Chiefs. To make this story even more interesting is that the town also has a Kelce Street, though that one is Not named after Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Why the Honor

So what was the reason for naming the street after Patrick Mahomes? Jackson is an alumni of the University of Utah where former Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith attended. Jackson followed him there and remained a fan of the Chiefs.

Step Up Whitehouse

Whitehouse, its your turn to step up and name a street after your world famous resident. Maybe 110 going into Whitehouse can now be Patrick Mahomes Drive, you know, because Patrick can lead a Drive down the field. No? How 'bout Patrick Mahomes Lane because he sees down his throwing lane. Okay, I'm stretching here but you get what I'm saying.

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