In a recent article, Mens’ Fitness says that some of the sugariest and carb-laden treats may be more than just a nutritional break for workout addicts. They might actually help with your workout.

The magazine talked to a celebrity trainer and nutritionist who lists some high calorie snacks and sweets with high sugar content that give your body the boost it needs after a hard workout. For instance, enjoying a small bit of ice cream “up to two hours after a workout” can be beneficial because the sugars help promote muscle building by preventing proteins from withering away.

Some of the other helpful post-workout junk foods including chocolate milk, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a bagel with a bit of jelly on it and even sugary kids cereals like Froot Loops.

“Trix are for kids… and sweat drenched gym goers. Most cereals contain sugar, which will guarantee a surge in your insulin level and fill your muscle glycogen stores quickly. Cardiello says, “Getting [muscles] replenished quickly will aid in recovery and developing new muscle.”

Follow your nose! It always knows! Just look at the physique on Toucan Sam. That bird is almost 50.

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