Ever see a good looking girl at the gym and wonder “is she married?” It would help if she had on a wedding ring, or a kid strapped to her back while doing dead lifts.

North Carolina-based workout guru Missy Isom decided to combine her passions (exercise and her brand-spankin new baby) into Mom’s Evolution, a fitness program that encourages new moms to burn some calories by lifting their babies.

“It’s all Moms, so they all understand if your baby starts crying,” said Evolution participant Lisa Donellan.

We personally can’t bench press to the sound of crying newborns, but whatever suits your fancy, we suppose. Notice their are no men involved in bench pressing children. Things would get really ugly.

“I’m feeling good today! Load up three more newborns on that bar. I’m gonna go for a record. No, no, don’t change his diaper. More to lift.”

[Via WBTV]

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