Picks Up, El Paso! We need to support out UTEP Miners Football team, not just because they are OUR team but we can get free beer when they do. Border City Ale House is paying homaged to a Cleveland Browns promo by creating a stack of beer and locking it up. The locks that contain all the glorious beer will be released once the UTEP Miners Football team FINALLY wins a game.

Ignore the caption and pay attention to the sign on the throne of beers. The first win equals FREE beer! You just need to be at Border City Ale House when it happens. Our very own Brandon Cohn believes UTEP will finally win this weekend against UAB. It has to happen one day. It really just has to because El Pasoans are losing hope fast. I grew up with the idea to root for your home team but many El Pasoans want to either not show up to the games, or go and enjoy them game, but with a bag over their head. Fingers crossed today is the day the Miners win and everyone can rejoice with a nice, cold bottle of free. beer.

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