Today well I was surfing the web, I came across one of the catchiest music videos of a professional team I've ever heard. The song "Cant stop the Blue" was shot by Ozomatli Inside of Dodger Stadium.

Now the Dodger's are in first place right and look to be playing fairly decent, despite losing tonight to the Yanks.

With the lost tonight, the D'backs closed the 3.5 game lead the Dodger's had by spanking the Rays 7-0 tonight.

Now earlier this season I predicted the Dodger's would win the world series, a hard thing to do considering I'm a D'backs fan. That being said I am also aware that L.A. has a tendency to choke.

So starting today every time the Dodger's lose I will play this video on my Facebook, you know to motivate the team ;)

Also because like I said, I happen to like the video, Better than any of the ones I've seen for the D'backs.

You know what, Ill let you be the judge.

This one is the D'backs song.....lame!!!