On the same day that the baseball world lost one of its greatest pitchers in Tom Seaver, a 92-year old legend blew up social media. Vin Scully, the longtime voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers announced in a video that he would be on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


As you might imagine, the response to Vin's first message on social media was well received by just about everyone on the planet. In just one day, he already has over 120,000 Twitter followers, another 63k on Instagram, and his Facebook page is not yet a fan page, but his first post was available for anyone to see. You can only imagine how many Facebook friend requests that Scully has since the account went live.

His last game with the Dodgers was on October 2nd 2016, and since then Scully has enjoyed retirement from his home in Southern California. He was hospitalized in April after a fall in his home, but he was released less than a week later. Like so many other baseball fans, I always considered Scully to be one the game's greatest treasures and I am excited to see what kind of stories he will share with everyone on social media.

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