If you're new to El Paso no doubt you are struggling with the already triple digit temperatures that descended on us on Sunday. It only gets worse from here. We have been known to hit 110 stretches in the summer months. Having said that I am always grateful that we live in El Paso and not somewhere with crazy weather phenomena. We don't have to deal with hurricanes and all the damage they do, we don't have to deal with being buried under feet of snow for six months out of the year, and we don't have to deal with tornados.

Ok, we might have had one or two possible tornados but apparently they weren't newsworthy enough to make a Google search because when I did one I kept running into videos and stories from El Paso County, Colorado. We do have a weather related phenomena called dust devils and those are super cool. I've actually driven through one on Mesa and they pop the heck out of your ears and shake the daylights out of your vehicle but they're pretty harmless. A couple of days ago someone captured what appeared to be a skinny tornado in the outskirts of El Paso, was it really a tornado?

Well according to Dopplar Dave there is a very easy way to figure out if you are seeing a tornado or a dust devil. A tornado comes down from storm clouds and then touches the ground. Dust devils do the opposite. They start on the ground and reach up to the sky. All the dust devils I've ever seen have never gotten very high but I can see why the person who took this video might have been a little terrified.

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