I must admit that this is really cool.

A video posted on social media shows this huge white inflatable in someone's driveway and immediately I thought of the huge white balloon that was shot down over the U.S. just a few weeks ago.

Well, this is not a balloon that will be launched into the sky over the U.S., but rather this is an inflatable used to protect a vehicle.

Dallas Texas TV
Dallas Texas TV

Dallas, Tx is expecting some severe weather tonight (March 2, 2023) and someone has used this giant inflatable to protect their vehicle from potential hail.

The inflatable is the barrier between the vehicle and the elements and by all indications this giant inflatable appears to be anchored to the vehicle that it is protecting.

I have seen some get really creative when attempting to protect their property from storms, but this may be the best.

Here's the video of someone driving past this house, which I assume already has their enclosed garage occupied.


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