What a pleasure to have undefeated boxer, entrepreneur and daughter of "the greatest of all time", Laila Ali, in studio today on SportsTalk.

Ali was kind enough to not only take pictures with the staff but stay with us for 45 minutes. The amazing thing is, she is so down to earth and a genuinely nice person. The kind of person she is really comes through in not only the radio interview but especially on the video by the way she openly and honestly answers the questions.


"That is something I regret, that I didn't play sports in high school."



"To answer your question, no,  you are not going to see me on a bunch of reality shows."



"Lisa Leslie is a friend of mine, she knows how to play volleyball and she is going to assess my skills and then she is going to hook me up with the people I need to know."



Laila Ali spoke with us a little about what inspired her as a child and why she thought Madonna was so great. Watch the video to see Laila talk about inspiration.



Steve compared a Pacquiao fight to the planned, but cancelled fights between Laila and Ann Wolfe. Although many people think Laila backed down from the fight, she set the record very straight with exactly what happened and what she thinks about Ann. Check out the video below to see Laila calling out Ann Wolfe.



You can hear the passion in her voice when she talks about Ann Wolfe. You can hear the conviction in her voice. She does not like Wolfe and I believe she would fight her tomorrow if she could. Want to see more Laila? Check out her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter. You can also see her line of beauty products here.