If you could pay to see any El Paso local celebrities go toe to toe in the boxing ring, who would you like to see? Of course, Buzz and I have already stepped into the ring before. Okay, it wasn't actually a ring, it was out conference room. It also wasn't a true boxing match. It was BIRD BOXING.

The big movie at that time was Bird Box. So everyone was doing things blindfolded. Buzz and I chose to box each other, blindfolded, with those gigantic blow up gloves you can get at the dollar store. Here is the full video of Buzz and I "bird boxing".

Celebrities getting into the ring is not a new thing. Last night we did have Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson step into the ring. The Paul brothers are now moving from YouTube to the ring. However, here are some of the celeb boxing matches from the past.

  • January 17th, 1994 - Danny Bonaduce beat Donny Osmund
  • March 13th, 2002 - Danny Bonaduce stepped back in to the ring and beat Barry Williams (AKA Greg Brady). On the same fight card, Todd Bridges beat Vanilla Ice, and Tonya Harding beat Paula Jones.
  • May 22nd, 2002 - Manute Bol and William 'The Refrigerator' Perry went toe to toe, with Bol getting the victory.

Of course, I can't write an article like this without mentioning Steve Kaplowitz' softball story. I can't do the story complete justice here in text because it's really all about Kappy's story telling. But the short version of the story is this...

  • It was a softball game between our radio stations and a local news station.
  • The local news station had some people that really showed up to compete, maybe taking it a bit too seriously.
  • The local news station was kicking the radio stations butt when Kaplowitz came in to score.
  • Kappy didn't slide because, well, the game was out of reach and why risk getting hurt?
  • The catcher, who just so happened to be a smaller woman proceeded to mock Kappy for not sliding, calling him a "pussy"

So what do you think El Paso? What local celebs would make for a good competition?

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