Meeting two beautiful European women in Miami who want to get you drunk and take advantage of you sounds like every guy’s dream, right? Not this guy. Not anymore, anyway.

Meet John Bolaris, former weather forecaster for the Fox TV affiliate in Philadelphia. His life used to be preoccupied with Philly-area women who wanted to see his barometer rise, until he got drugged and bilked out of thousands by two Russian mob chicks AND then got canned from his job for telling everyone about it and showing a Playboy writer nude pictures that other girls sent to him, you know, because he’s a “weatherhunk.”

What in the name of Ron Burgundy’s Eskimo Brother is going on in Philly? Well, let us fill you in (he’d probably use that line):

In March of 2010, Bolaris was in South Beach when, as he told Playboy, he met two beautiful women who wanted to hang out and drink with him. He did so, because “There was the thought that I might get laid.”

Instead, he got drugged and woke up alone in a cab. Unbeknownst to Bolaris, the ladies used his American Express card to run up a huge bar bill and bought a painting of a woman’s head (In their defense, he may have been asking for something similar to head, but they may have taken it the wrong way. Pesky language barriers).  The girls call him the next day, and because he doesn’t know about the charges, he goes to meet them again.

Wash, rinse, repeat. The damage for two nights of not getting laid: $43,712.25. And to think you regretted taking your last date to a restaurant with metal utensils when you didn’t score with her.

Anyway, Bolaris found out about the bill from AmEx when they called him to collect. A legal battle ensued. The FBI got involved when it turned out the hotties were part of a Russian mob-related scam that did this to nearly 100 men. Bolaris told the Philadelphia Daily News and Playboy his story with more self-deprecation than swagger, but his bosses at the TV station didn’t care. They reportedly terminated him earlier this week, though his agent said it was “mutual.”

Now, he’s just another weather Twit.

[Via Gawker]