This Story Sounds Like Something Off "Mission Impossible" Or "Heat" But Without The Violence...

One of my favorite wild crime stories of 2022 was the lady who busted through a wall at a Texas car dealership and vandalized the place before taking off in a stolen Mercedes and I immediately thought about that story when I read this one. Apparently, Texas thieves love going through WALLS instead of DOORS.


We Take You To Mesquite, Texas Where Police There Are Investigating A Similar Situation But These Alleged Robbers Knew What They Were Doing.

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According to a report from WFAA, an employee arrived Saturday morning to the Town East Mall in Mesquite and discovered someone had broken into the old Sears store and breached a concrete wall between the Sears and the American Jewelers store and made off with what police describe as a "large amount" of jewelry.

American Jewelers is located on the first floor of the Town East Mall and shares a wall with the old Sears space, on the northwest side of the mall.

Ivan Masic

Police have no idea on when the break-in occurred but the robber or robbers had enough time to take off with an estimated $2 Million Dollars in jewelry according to police.

Police were still working with mall security to get any surveillance video from inside the mall. No suspects have been identified, and it wasn't yet known if there was more than one person involved in the theft.

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