We don't usually pay that much attention to heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitscko, because let's be honest, he dominates all his fights. Plus most of them aren't in the United States. So then why am I posting something about Klitschko? Because the next boxer he is going to fight, Tyson Fury, decided to dress up as Batman durning their press conference promoting their upcoming Oct. 24 fight.

Fury entered the room with the Batman theme song from the '60s playing, he then even beat up a guy that was dressed as The Joker. He then proceeded to insult the champ, saying “You’ve never fought a Gypsy King before..I cannot wait. It’s a very personal mission for me to rid boxing of a boring person like you. I’ve fallen asleep listening to you. You have as much charisma as my underpants: Zero. None! You are a robotic person who is not exciting to watch. Jab, jab, hold. That’s all you do.”

As you'd expect Klitschko and the press found Fury's act very amusing. They even clapped for him when he ran out of the room. The only thing more amusing that this will be if Klitschko knocks out Fury when they fight.