Thanks to sites like RecordSetter, these days just about anybody with the right combination of imagination and talent can set a world record. Take Miki Agrawal, for example, the Brooklyn, NY resident who recently set the world record for most butt traps with a soccer ball in a minute with eight.

If you’re like us, you’ve probably never heard of a “butt trap” before (at least not the type referred to in this video), but the rules are as follows: you need to use a size five soccer ball, fully inflated, and the ball must be trapped between your heel and butt. You can’t use your hands and you have to use the same foot.

While we appreciate Miki’s well put together lower half, which is on display as she sets the mark, this is a record that can be broken. So to all you young ladies out there with a pair of short shorts, a soccer ball and a video camera, you know what to do.