The best moment during Monday night's College Football Championship Game broadcast on ESPN was before the game actually began.

The game itself between Georgia and TCU wasn't much of a game at all as the Bulldogs tore apart the Horned Frogs 65-7. Before the game began, though, there was a special moment that happened during the pregame show when the 2023 College Football Hall of Fame class was announced. Great names such as Brian Westbrook, Luke Kuechly, Dwight Freeney, and former USC Trojan and New Orleans Saint running back Reggie Bush appeared on the list of inductees.

(Photo By Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
(Reggie Bush #5, Photo By Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

But one huge name was left off the list. A name that is often put up among the greatest to ever play the game of college football: Tim Tebow.

The former Florida Quarterback ended his college career with some eye-popping numbers, as pointed out by Sports Illustrated:

  • 9,285 passing yards
  • 88 passing touchdowns
  • Only 16 Interceptions
  • 2,947 rushing yards
  • 57 rushing touchdowns

If you add those stats up, that is 12,232 total yards and 145 total touchdowns! Who cares that Tebow is in his first year of eligibilty because those numbers are all-time great!

But Tebow's name was somehow left off the list. That is until the rest of the pregame crew revealed that his name was left off the list as a bit of a joke/surprise. WATCH BELOW as Tebow learns he is indeed going into the College Football Hall of Fame and the emotions that come over him.


And what he does off the field is even more impressive. Whether it's helping those in need or motivating others to be the best they can be both physically and spiritually, Tebow's heart for others is undeniably the greatest thing about him.


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