With the new movie The Secret Life of Pets coming out in theaters July 8 and the NBA Playoffs having already started, the producers of the film took to the hardwood to create a new promo video.

The subjects of this promo are the pets of NBA Superstars, and teammates, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. Their names are Zo (Durant) and Sasha (Westbrook).

It is rather hilarious that the arch nemesis for Durant has been LeBron James and for Russell Westbrook it is Stephen Curry, and their best friends decide to turn on them! Take a look at what Zo and Sasha do!

I rather doubt that the duo in OKC is all smiles and giggles right now as the playoffs have already started but a promo like this is good for a chuckle. Thunder is currently up 1-0 in the series after a monstrous defensive outing and posting a 108-70 victory against the Dallas Mavericks.

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