The Minnesota Twins and Atlanta Braves both started out the season with nine straight losses. After a very lackluster and disastrous start they did the only thing you can do instead of lose, win. They both have posted three straight victories after their horrendous starts.

The Minnesota Twins nearly had their first victory become an imaginary claim as they posted a thrilling, yet close, 5-4 win over the Los Angeles Angels at home in. They have since followed that game up with 6-4 and 3-2 wins respectively. No game has been easy for them so far as nine of their twelve games have been decided by two runs or less.

Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The Atlanta Braves also started out 0-9 but recently caught fire against Miami in the Sunshine State after grabbing a trio of wins. It all started with a 6-3 win against the Marlins. Atlanta's season has not been as competitive as Minnesota, scoring wise, as only six of the twelve contests have been decided by two runs or less (with three being decided by one run). Either way, they are on a three game winning streak and seemed to have turn the tide.

Photo by Eliot J. Schechter/Getty Images

With both squads riding a trio of wins, the question I have is: Who will continue their streak? My pick is Minnesota as they are going up against a struggling Milwaukee team at home in Target Field. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Braves stay in the same region but return from Miami to Atlanta to go up against the expected to be NL Contenders in the Los Angeles Dodgers.