NOTE: Original fight video was taken down by UFC. In it's place injoy this claymation video of the fight made by MMA World.

Conor McGregor likes to talk the talk and on Saturday night at UFC 194 he walked the walk. It took McGregor just 13 seconds to beat Jose Aldo to become the new undisputed UFC Featherweight champion.  McGregor dropped Aldo when he connected with a left hook to the chin and then finished him off with a couple of hammer fists to the face. The crowd at the MGM Grand was in shock at how fast the fight ended.  McGregor gave Aldo his first lost in 10 years, and it's the first time that he has been knocked out.

McGregor credits his win by fighting with precision, he said he was ready for whatever Aldo had in store for him.  He just wishes the fight would have gone longer but he still thinks the fight would have ended with him as the winner.

As for Aldo, he gives all the credit to McGregor but he feels that he needs a rematch: "I think we need a rematch, it really wasn't a fight. We need to get back in there."