We all know that science is pretty awesome, and without it our civilization would be in dire straights.  Science cures diseases, explains and prevents natural disasters, but in our opinion the most recent scientific discovery is pretty freakin’ sexy.

Rutgers University’s Professor Barry Komisaruk has a mission: to discover what exactly goes wrong in the brains of men and women who can’t reach orgasm.  So, travel writer Kayt Sukel strapped herself down (giggity!) into an MRI, and brought herself to orgasm without any drastic movement.  Can we just hand her the Nobel AND Pulitzer Prize right now?!?

The experiment resulted in one of the coolest videos making its way around the internet.  Grad student and sex therapist, Nan Wise, compiled this animation from the sequential brain scans she performed on Sukel. The animation goes through various stages of of the brain as it approaches, reaches, and recovers from a mind-bending orgasm.

This is research we can all stand behind.  Perhaps it will lead to all the unexplained answers of the sexual universe.  Or– it could lead to the world’s worst pick up line: ”This is your brain.  This is your brain on ME.  Any questions?”

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