Admit it. You know who Hulk Hogan is from watching a wrestling match or two when you were a kid. There is also a strong chance you tried to tear apart your flimsiest t-shirt at a friend’s birthday party in an effort to mimic Hogan and failed miserably.

Times have changed, but the Hulkster is still ripping shirts and running wild in the ring at 58 years-young, but instead of having a beautiful, young valet escort him to the squared circle, he’s getting in-match helpfrom mobility-challenged octogenarians.

TNA wrestling recently invited 82-year-old Marion Duncan to be their ringside guest at a U.K. event after hearing her amazing story of how she brandished her cane at a would-be robber in Scotland to scare him away. During a subsequent match, Hogan used Ms. Duncan’s menacing cane of doom on his opponent.

Hogan may or may not have borrowed the cane afterward to get safely backstage.

In related news, Hogan has recently reached out to Maggie Smith’s agents to see if she needs additional work. His calls have not yet been returned.