If this woman looks like someone you know, trust us, she’s not. In fact, no one knows her — yet she’s been dubbed the world’s “ultimate celebrity.”

Confused? We’ll explain.

A while back, British beauty site FeelUnique did a poll in which thousands of people voted for the most beautiful body parts of the celebrities they admire most. Once the results were in, those various parts were digitally combined into the mash-up you see above. It’s like a hot Mrs. Potato Head. (There is something we never imagined we’d write in a post.)

So whose bits and pieces were included?

“Beneath the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton’s tumbling shiny hair, you will find the chocolate brown eyes of singer Cheryl Cole, the nose of actress Kate Beckinsale and the cheeks of fellow Hollywood star Keira Knightley.

Eyebrows come courtesy of ‘Transformers’ actress Megan Fox and the perfect chin is apparently found on still another actress, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Those bee-stung lips could only be Angelina Jolie’s, and the ultimate celebrity’s decolletage belongs to busty [UK] TV presenter Kelly Brook.”

A full image along with helpful callouts is below. She looks a little like an even trashier Kardashian to us, but what do we know? We actually like our women human. Although the Mrs. Potato Head image is getting us hot.

Guess you can call this ‘woman’ a ‘Hot Potato.’ (There is another thing we never thought we’d write in a post.)

[Via Daily Mail]