UTEP senior guard Cameasha Turner has been an intricate part of the team for a few years, and continues to make significant contributions to the Miners by averaging 11.6 points per game.  UTEP defeated FAU in Boca Raton 78-66 last night, and made history in doing so, as no other UTEP women's basketball squad has began a season at 15-1.

Turner had another brilliant performance last night as she scored 16 points and had 5 rebounds at Florida Atlantic.  She is a leader both on and off the court.  I interviewed Cameasha on the bus ride this morning on the way to Miami as the Miners will conclude their Florida road trip by playing a game at FIU tomorrow afternoon.

1.  What do you like about El Paso?

"I like that the city is friendly, it feels like family, everyone is so involved.  Young kids look up to us, I like the community, the environment, people want to talk to us, everyone is always smiling and happy to see you, and you feel good and appreciate it."

2.  What is your best memory from playing at UTEP?

"The WNIT run, I didn't ever think we could sell out the Don, that's something that Coach Adams always wanted to do, it was a dream come true, it was a real snapshot moment in life, one that you never forget."

3.  How did it feel to defeat FAU last night, and in doing so improve your record to 15-1 for the first time in program history?

"It always feels good to win, last year I played my heart out every game and didn't get the results that I wanted.  This year you appreciate every win more and don't take it for granted.  The 15-1 start is another special moment, we have to keep winning, we haven't done anything yet and have to keep that mindset.  Our ultimate goal is to win the conference and the tournament, you don't want to get too caught up on the victories."

Photo by Brandon Cohn

4.  I noticed the team is calling this season, "the payback tour,"  describe to me what that means to you.

"It means every night we want to go out and play our hearts out, we got our buts kicked by everyone in our conference last season, and this is a reminder of how we felt last year and how we don't want to feel like that this year, it makes us want it more.  Every game is a payback regardless of who we've played."

5.  What is your favorite food?

"I love spaghetti and wings."

6.  What has it been like playing for Coach Adams?

"It's been life changing, you never think you'll play for such a great coach.  It's one of those moments that you hold dear to your heart, you meet people along the way that change your life, it's a blessing.  Without those people there's no telling where your life would be.  She's special as a coach and as a person.  She's the kind of person you always want to be around, she always has faith in me an that's why I play my heart out for her, I want this for her."

Cameasha Turner and the UTEP Miners will continue to play their hearts out for Coach Adams as their "payback tour" resumes tomorrow at 12 p.m. MST as they face FIU in Miami.  You can listen to that game on 600 ESPN El Paso.