Everyone in the UTEP community knows what the letters TWC mean to the university, or Texas Western College as it was formally known as. The Miner Athletic department is bringing a whole new meaning to add to the acronym.

The TWC model currently stands for "Together We Commit," UTEP's newest diversity and inclusion program for the school.

TWC Logo / UTEP Athletics

"Together, as a department, UTEP Athletics commits to: (1) Fostering Diversity and Inclusion, (2) Creating an Environment of Love and Respect, (3) Supporting Equity and Education, and (4) Leading Change," the department wrote in a release today.

The initiative pays homage to Texas Western College, serving as one of the pioneers in all of college athletics for civil rights issues. The 1966 National Championship team was the first squad to have five black players start in the title game.

After the George Floyd killing by a white police officer in Minneapolis, the university wants to do its part among the student-athletes to promote diversity and inclusion within the university.

“This has been a great learning opportunity for me, helping me more thoroughly understand and appreciate the challenges faced by our minority populations as well as what can be done moving forward to improve the experience for all, especially our black community,” Director of Athletics Jim Senter said in a release. “UTEP Athletics will work continuously to foster an environment of empowerment, equality and love. What better way to honor this commitment than by continuing to celebrate our greatest achievement – the historic 1966 national championship – and what it meant for society.”

All student-athletes will sport Black Lives Matter-themed TWC initiative t-shirts and Black Lives Matter pins that can be worn on team apparel. The diversity and inclusion program also spawned two committees comprised of athletic staff members and another featuring student-athletes. These committees will meet monthly with intentions to "develop and institute workshops and seminars, increase outreach and awareness, establish programming (i.e. speaker series), and provide educational opportunities for UTEP student-athletes and staff," per the athletic department.