UTEP Athletic Director Jim Senter came to Austin High school on Tuesday, spoke with numerous students, and offered inspirational advice.  Senter began by addressing the large crowd of high schoolers in Austin's basketball arena by discussing his instant love for El Paso, how the people are hard working, and have been quite welcoming.  Students were given excellent advice about how important it is to introduce themselves to people.

Senter noted, "don't ever underestimate the power you have to simply go up to some one and say hi and introduce yourself."  Jim's 'Triple A' philosophy was then introduced to the students as he mentioned to always have a good 'attitude, action and accountability."  The students were then told that life will throw numerous challenges their way quite often, and having a positive attitude will help them overcome numerous obstacles.  The students were told to always be humble, grateful and positive in all aspects in life from relationships to work and so on.

Senter then talked about his famous EPMAD slogan, "every person makes a difference," and how it is vitally important to show everyone that you care, as it can literally change lives.  Throughout Jim's presentation he constantly interacted with kids from the audience, often bringing them up to answer questions or incorporating them into his speech.  Jim's spiel officially ended by him saying to the students, "I challenge all of  you to make a difference!"   Students asked Senter numerous questions, took pictures with him and got autographs.  Jim made a good point when asked about local athletes by saying, "it's important that the best talent stays here and goes to UTEP."

My special thanks to UTEP Athletic Director Jim Senter for coming to speak with our students at Austin High School today, he is quite a mensch for taking time from his busy schedule, as it is much appreciated.



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