After a crazy 24 hours, the UFC has officially removed Conor McGregor from the UFC 200 fight card that's taking place on July 9th. McGregor was supposed to have a rematch with Nate Diaz. If you recall, Diaz shocked the world when he knocked out McGregor earlier this year

UFC President Dana White says that McGregor was pulled from the fight because he didn't want to participate in any promotional activities for the fight.

That excuse is kind of hard to believe especially since McGregor does a great job at promoting his own fights. To say that's he good at it is an understatement. McGregor tweeted yesterday that he was retiring from fighting, which of course was taken with a grain of salt by fans. Why? Well because he's the most popular male fighter in the UFC and has made the most money for a fight by any fighter.

So maybe it's about the money. Rumor is that McGregor made around $5 million for the Diaz fight and he wanted around $10 million for the second. The UFC said no, so Conor announced his retirement. This could be McGregor playing hardball with the UFC.

Or maybe McGregor retired because he was shook up that two weeks ago fighter Joao Carvalho died from injuries sustained in a fight against one of his training partners.

What ever the reason that McGregor suddenly decided to retire doesn't mean that the door with the UFC has closed as White said that they can still work something out. He says that he can still fight at UFC 200 if he wanted to.