A historic deal has been made to allow the U.S. men's and women's national soccer teams to be paid equally.


Netherlands v United States: Women's Football Quarterfinal - Olympics: Day 7
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The U.S. Soccer Federation announced the deal on Wednesday (May 18). The new collective bargaining agreements will run through 2028 and include the equalization of World Cup prize money.



Back in February, the U.S. Soccer Federation and the women's team announced a settlement to resolve the longstanding pay dispute, with the federation agreeing to pay the two teams equally in the next union contract, as well as giving the women's team $22 million in back pay.



In addition to equal pay for all competitions, the teams will share equal pay for appearance fees for friendly games, bonuses based on the team's performance, and for their opponent's rank, as well as pooling the prize money from their respective World Cup appearances that will split the total among the two teams and the federation.

According to the organization, it is the first federation in the world to equalize World Cup prize money.

U.S. Soccer President Cindy Parlow Cone said in a statement, "This is a truly historic moment. These agreements have changed the game forever here in the United States and have the potential to change the game around the world."

Tim Ream, a center-back for the U.S. men's soccer team tweeted his excitement over the deal.



Here's a full breakdown of the agreement and everything that each team will get.

On-field Compensation:

  • Equal Pay per day in camp
  • Equal Pay per game played
  • Equal Pay per outcome of each game per competition type
  • Equal number of players on roster
  • Equal tiering for Friendly games
  • Equal 50/50 split between WNT & MNT of pooled World Cup prize money

Commercial Upside Compensation:

  • Equal 50/50 split of Commercial revenue shared with SNTs between WNT & MNT
  • Equal rate paid per ticket sold for respective team's games controlled by USSF

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