Even if this year isn't shaping up to be the best season for the Minnesota Vikings, they still remain king of South Dakota in terms of loyalty.

Twitter has collected data of fans by county, and has compiled a great interactive map of the United States. The Vikings control the entire eastern half of South Dakota and, much like the Missouri River, the difference breaks as you head to south-central and western South Dakota. The other side? Denver Broncos fans.

The Green Bay Packers are the second most liked team in almost every county of eastern South Dakota. They are third the majority of the time out west behind the Broncos and Vikings.

A couple of counties in South Dakota show a difference in the top three. Roberts County in northeast S.D. has loyalty with the Vikings, Cowboys, and Broncos. Marshall County right next to it has Vikings, Packers, and Saints. Bennet, Todd, and Tripp counties show loyalty to the Pittsburgh Steelers as the second or third favorite team.

It's also interesting to note the nation wide difference between the fans. The Vikings are held almost strictly to the north, with just a little bit in Oklahoma (Adrian Peterson). Green Bay has a great nation wide showing, having fans in nearly every state. Denver has a very strong following in the west, however not as much nation wide as the Packers to the east.

To see how your county ranks, and how the teams are distributed around the county, visit the interactive map here.


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