Well, every Halloween fanatic that planned on trick-or-treating had their parade rained on. Just recently they announced trick-or-treating has been canceled this year.

There are a lot of crushed souls due to this horrifying news. If it weren't for the pandemic we would be able to celebrate Halloween this year. But since our main concern is everyone's health and safety we have to skip trick-or-treating this year.

Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised people not to trick-or-treat El Paso will also follow the advice from the CDC. I definitely agree about banning trick-or-treating this year just to help keep Covid-19 cases from spiking. We had a short amount of time where the numbers remained low but then hit another spike recently.

I was excited to take my daughter trick-or-treating this year but now understand why they canceled it. My daughter tested positive for Covid-19 the same day President Trump did.

After hearing her results I immediately set up an appointment to get tested the following day. Luckily, my results came back negative for Covid-19. After this scare, I totally understand why trick-or-treating is canceled this year. Just because trick-or-treating has been banned doesn't mean Halloween is completely off this year.

The CDC has listed different activities that are low-risk to take part in this Halloween. Now as for the treats, there are places that deliver candy right to your home. So instead of you doing the hard work being on the hunt for candy, you can let the candy be brought right to you. Below is a list of places that you can order from and will deliver the sweet treats to your front door.

  • Sweet Tooth 915
    Sweet Tooth 915

    Sweet Tooth 915

    Sweet Tooth 915 is your hook up for Mexican candies. They deliver a variety of candies that are spiced up. So you can place your order to have candy delivered to your home for Halloween.

  • Olga's Bakery Facebook
    Olga's Bakery Facebook

    Olga's Bakery

    Halloween doesn't necessarily mean it is all about candy. You can skip the candies and order some beautifully designed desserts. Olga's Bakery has so many beautiful creations that are quite tasty. So if you want to skip the candies you can order desserts for the family.

  • Pica-Chewy 915 Facebook
    Pica-Chewy 915 Facebook

    Pica-Chewy 915

    This is another candy shop that delivers sweet treats to your home. They offer all sorts of candies like Gushers, Fruit by the Foot, and more dipped in some spice. Pica-Chewy 915 is another great way to bring the candies to you and your family for Halloween treats.

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