El Paso area school districts have said that they are not going to run the risk of a large group of students getting together for prom so they've canceled this year's proms due to the bad weather forecast on those nights. Just kidding, it's because of COVID, but Las Cruces public schools will be allowing their high schools to hold proms but with COVID protocols, chief among them, students will not be able to touch each other and will have to dance in squares marked by tape on the floor. Oh yeah, that sounds like a great idea.

Come on, do LC public school officials really believe that they are going to keep teenagers from not touching each other? Do these people have kids of their own? You put something in front of a child and tell them they can't touch it and what's the overriding emotion of that child? I WANT TO TOUCH THAT THING YOU SAID I CAN'T TOUCH. And that goes double for teenagers.

end-of-course dance

Instead of making the hard decision to cancel proms for this year and telling their students, look, we know this sucks, but teenagers love to suck face and hold hands and we just aren't going to pretend that we can have a touchless prom and everything is going to be ok. Does that suck? Yes it does. And will you have to live the rest of your life knowing that you didn't get to go to prom? Yes you will. And we hope you have a nice long live ahead of you free of COVID complications or possibly death.

Be the adults in the room, Las Cruces public school officials. Do the right thing and tell your students this is a pandemic, there are things we can do to help keep you safe and one of them is to not have super spreader events. We're sorry that your high school years will be marked by this but we are hoping to make sure you make it to next year. Kids need guidance and this is showing them nothing more than it's more important to have one night of fun rather than realize that sometimes life is hard and we have to buckle down for the good of everyone around us.

Bonehead move, Las Cruces.

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