Comedian Daniel Tosh took his hatred for Alabama and Lane Kiffin to another level during his show on Comedy Central this week.

Before we share this video with you, it's probably best to provide a little back story on the host of Tosh.0. If nothing else, it'll allow for some context to a seemingly random attack on the Crimson Tide and its first-year offensive coordinator.

First things first. Tosh has hated Alabama since the day Nick Saban boarded a plane out of Miami and headed for Tuscaloosa. As a Dolphins fan, he still resents Saban for his sudden and shocking departure from South Beach. That made sense in the beginning, but it's a little more difficult to explain eight years later. Anyway, that's the first part.

Second, he's a sports fan in Los Angeles. That means it's pretty common to hold disdain for Kiffin's lack of head coaching success. But, on top of that, Tosh and Kiffin are basically each other's doppleganger and he's had fun with that in the past.

Last but not least, his show employs (or definitely has in the past) a couple of Alabama grads on its writing staff so Tosh enjoys having them write jokes about the Crimson Tide.

With that in mind, we present to you the perfect storm of venom and comedy in the form of a Tosh.0 sketch entitled 'Kiffin's Krimson Korner' (not so subtle acronym). Be warned that it's extremely NSFW.


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