Whether he was Stunning Steve Austin in World Championship Wrestling or, more appropriately, Stone Cold in World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment, Austin always showed great ability in his storytelling within the match.  Very few superstars worked a better match than he did, even when he was dealing with serious injuries.

Early on in his career, there was no doubt he had the work ethic to be successful in the ring but WCW never gave him much of a platform to prove he could carry the company.  During a short time in ECW, the Stone Cold persona began to evolve on the mic as he recovered from his first serious injury.  He won the King of the Ring and his infamous speech began the Austin 3:16 era, but a neck injury during a match with Owen Hart almost prematurely ended his career.

Austin stuck it out and won a record three Royal Rumble matches, headlined three Wrestlemanias with the Rock, and became a six-time WWF/E Champion and the company's fifth Triple Crown winner.  Even when Austin joined forces with Vince McMahon and turned heel, fans still gravitated to his exhilirating in-ring work while he showed fans he also had a ton of comedic talent.  He carried one of the greatest feuds in professional wrestling history with a not-so-talented Mr. McMahon.

Put any opponent in front of him, and fans knew Stone Cold would tell a great story with his in-ring work.  Give him any of the other greats as his opponent, and fans would be witness to some of the greatest classics WWF/E fans have ever seen.  His body of work in the ring and on the mic led to Austin being the highest-grossing superstar in WWF/E history.  His Wrestlemania 13 Submission Match against Bret "the Hitman" Hart will be known as one of the greatest matches in professional wrestling history.  To top that great match, his rivalry with the Rock-- and three Wrestlemanias they headlined-- is among the greatest feuds ever.  Stone Cold has created such greatness that to this day when fans hear the glass breaking, the WWF/E Universe know they are about to see true greatness.

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