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Now that 2015 in sports is behind us, here is a couple of stories from this past year that you thought were the most popular on 600


Back in May the mega fight of the century took place between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. The fight was a complete snoozer but the hype leading up to the fight was amazing. The cost to get the fight on PPV was $100 and since we live in the borderland, Steve wrote a blog on how people in El Paso could watch the game for free.

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler apparently isn't good at handling his kids. In a story that Lauren wrote, Cutler texted his wife that things weren't going good at home and he needed her, so in response she got mad and put him on blast.


Without a doubt, the most polarizing sports figure in all of sports in 2015 was UFC fighter Ronda Rousey. In March a reporter decided to let Rousey give him a judo throw and when she did, she broke his ribs. This video increased the hype of Rousey being the most dangerous woman in the world until she got knocked out by Holly Holm in November.


Powerlifting is a very dangerous sport, as we found out in a video that Emily posted on the website in April that featured a powerlifter tearing his quads during an attempt to lift 616 pounds. The worst part is that you can actually hear the quad ripping of the quads in the video.


Back in March, the UTEP Men's Basketball team was playing against Murray State in the NIT tournament. The Miners lost the game and UTEP's star player Vince Hunter was put on blast by the Miner's own twitter account during the game. Since this incident Hunter left the university and decided to go pro.


In September during the battle of I-10 between the UTEP Miners and New Mexico State Aggies, Miner's quarterback Mack Leftwich was knocked out of the game when he scrambled for a couple of yards. The video shows the massive hit that gave Leftwich a concussion. Thankfully, Leftwich recovered and was able to play later on in the season.

That's just a couple of the blogs that you made the most popular in 2015. Let's see which stories will make headlines in 2016




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