Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, like a lot of men, is trying to jump on board of this whole men’s grooming bandwagon. If you haven’t yet seen the trailer for ‘Mansome,’ some of these hair and style routines can get pretty elaborate. But thankfully, Brady’s keeping it pretty safe by attempting the oh-so-popular James Dean slick back for the latest Met Gala event.

Too bad we’re not buying it.

The football star kind of failed miserably and ended up veering off into Bob’s Big Boy territory. Don’t believe us? Fine, don’t take our word for it. Let’s turn to the folks at GQ who said he looked like he “got a swirlie on his way to the Met.”

One would think that with such a prominent fashion icon as Gisele for a wife that he’d at least know how to use the right amount of hair wax. But as you can see, that’s a no, which leads us to believe that this guy is just, for lack of a better word, fornicating with us.

He’s got the supermodel wife, he’s attended a lot of men’s clothing store openings and now he’s all-of-a-sudden playing up the latest trends? Um, are we the only ones who remember his t-shirt and baseball cap days of, like, last year? We think he’s so poking fun at himself and the whole “I’m the next big style icon” thing he’s got going on.

Ha, good one, Tom.