When Kim and Kanye split up, it seemed to be disastrous for Kanye's mental wellbeing. We may be watching the same thing happen in real time for Tom Brady.

The G.O.A.T. had a pretty judgmental take on why the NFL has so many teams sitting in that middle-of-the-road spot four weeks into the season.

Need I remind readers...

Oh and also, the Buccaneers sit at 25th in yards per game and 16th in points per game.

Now in his defense, Brady never excluded himself from that "poor quality of football" comment, so maybe this is his roundabout way of taking some responsibility for his own poor play.

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But to say that it's poor quality of play is just being dumb. There have been plenty of exciting games already this year. Well, maybe not for the Bucs, but other teams have played really good football.

I've never understood takes like this anyway. Whether it's a player, a talking head, a capital "J" journalist, or some random fan, the idea that a majority of the teams having middling records means the entire league is somehow full of middling talent is ridiculous to me.

I did my research, so let's break it down. Stay with me, there are about to be a lot of numbers, but we'll get through this together.

15 teams are 2-2. There are 8 teams at 3-1, 7 teams at 1-3. The Colts are 1-2-1, and the Texans are 0-3-1. Finally, the Eagles sit pretty atop the league as the only 4-0 team.

Saying that well over half of the league is playing bad football is just dumb. Sure, teams make mistakes all the time. If every team played perfectly every time, football would be as boring as cricket.

(Sorry cricket.)

And there are absolutely some bad teams out there right now. I will not say the Saints are one of them, because that would hurt my soul in an irreperable way, but I will go so far as to say they aren't exactly what one would call "good".

Well, their defense is.

But no Tom, what a league average record like that really means is that the level of play is even.

Now, I understand Mr. Brady is used to winning a lot of games all the time, so his team being smack dab in the middle of the middle is probably pretty hard for the hypercompetitive senior citizen.

But that just makes this take sound like a cross between an old man yeling at clouds and a spoiled brat mad that he isn't getting more candy for Halloween than the poor kid from down the street.

(Nice topical Halloween reference, right?)

The craziest thing about this to me is that there are tons of people agreeing with him.

I think some people need to log off of Twitter and actually watch football. If so, they'll see the game isn't actually so bad, and maybe even competition is actually a good thing.

But what do I know, I just write about sports.

Anyway, I've seen way too much of Tom Brady having to write this blog, so let me clear my mind and yours of his horrible visage with a wonderful play that Saints fans may remember well.

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