They're just the coolest. Animals. Of course, not every animal out there is on my A-list but you've got to admit they're all wondrous in their own way. People and animals seem to go together. Just about everybody I know has a pet in one way or another. Dogs, cats, and birds are all great, but things can get exotic.

I grew up with a guy who loved reptiles. His apartment was a reptile house much like the one at the Abilene Zoo. He had everything, from pythons to lizards, it was there. Reptiles I had never even heard of. Many people like my buddy like taking their pets to the exotic.

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If you're one of those, it's best to know what's legal to own in Texas. Warning. Some of these animals can be strangely unique and adorable. I was surprised to find that it's even legal to own some of these animals in Texas. Scroll with me and we'll check out some that are legal to own according to the Texas Capital Living and Travel Guide.

Look: These 10 Exotic Cuties Are Actually Legal To Own in Texas

While this is just a snapshot of animals you can own in the state of Texas, you have to admit, they are next level to dogs and cats. If you're lucky enough to find one then many require the proper paperwork before you can own it. Plus, the cost, upkeep, and care have to be factors you consider as well.

Can't get enough animals in your life? You've got to keep scrolling and see some adorable pets submitted by Abilenians.

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