If you own one of these animals in New Mexico, you're in trouuuuuuble.

Pets are awesome and just about everyone has a pet "something". Dogs and cats are probably most people's go-to's but there are tons of animals and we all have our unique favorites.

Some folks step off the beaten pet path with livestock like horses, others are into birds while snakes and big lizards appeal to others. So far, in New Mexico, all the critters I've mentioned are ok.

If the snake in question is venomous though, it's illegal to own unless you obtain a  special permit. Texas has a similar list of animals that are a no-no.

Unless you want a bat, then you have to be VERY careful.

Of all the zillion types of bats in the world, NM only allows you to own 1. The broad nosed-bat is cool but he does require a permit.

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The state of New Mexico compiled a 27 page list of animals, some of which are legal to own and some of which are not. Despite being 27 pages long, it still doesn't include ALL animals.

If you don't see the hippo you've always wanted listed, you better call fish and game. Animals on the absolutely not list, aka Group IV, are:

... live non-domesticated animals considered dangerous, invasive, undesirable, state or federally listed as threatened, endangered, a furbearer, or any other species of concern as identified by the director. - KRQE

The New Mexico Group IV list includes tigers, elephants, zebras, monkeys and a bunch more. Contact fish and game for more info before that cuddly little ocelot gets you a year in jail and a $1,000.00 fine.

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